Thursday, September 15, 2005


bush's promises

all in all, i have to admit, it was a good speech. let's take a closer look:

"we will work to bring your family back together and pay for your travel to reach them."

"we will have a team of inspectors general reviewing all expenditures."

in other words, watch out haliburton...
"Within the Gulf region are some of the most beautiful and historic places in America. As all of us saw on television, there is also some deep, persistent poverty in this region as well. That poverty has roots in a history of racial discrimination, which cut off generations from the opportunity of America. We have a duty to confront this poverty with bold action."
nice words. let's see some action to back them up

"I propose the creation of worker recovery accounts to help those evacuees who need extra help finding work. Under this plan, the federal government would provide accounts of up to $5,000, which these evacuees could draw upon for job training and education to help them get a good job and for child-care expenses during their job search."
not bad, but this doesn't negate waiving prevailing wage protections for construction workers in the region...

"I also propose that Congress pass an Urban Homesteading Act. Under this approach, we will identify property in the region owned by the federal government and provide building sites to low-income citizens free of charge, through a lottery. In return, they would pledge to build on the lot, with either a mortgage or help from a charitable organization like Habitat for Humanity."

assuming the federal government is not going to invest massive amounts of money in affordable housing, this isn't a bad idea

"I have asked USA Freedom Corps to create an information clearinghouse, available at, so that families anywhere in the country can find opportunities to help families in the region or a school can support a school. And I challenge existing organizations -- churches and Scout troops or labor union locals -- to get in touch with their counterparts in Mississippi, Louisiana or Alabama and learn what they can do to help. In this great national enterprise, important work can be done by everyone, and everyone should find their role and do their part."

with the assumed federal government role as "coordinator-in-chief," and the reliance on private/charitable responses, this also makes sense

"The United States Congress also has an important oversight function to perform. Congress is preparing an investigation, and I will work with members of both parties to make sure this effort is thorough."
what no independent counsel?

i guess when the bar has been set so low, there's nowhere to go but up. it's so sad when "barely adequate" seems like a giant leap into the future.

and now that bush is wading into the moderate center, will the democrats actually become progressive? only time will tell...

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