Wednesday, October 19, 2005


indict bush!

via americablog, it isn't merely wishful thinking any more... if bush told fitzgerald in 2004 that he had no idea who the leaker was, even though it just came out that rove told bush in 2003 that he was a leaker, that sounds like perjury to me.
Other sources confirmed, however, that Bush was initially furious with Rove in 2003 when his deputy chief of staff conceded he had talked to the press about the Plame leak....

A second well-placed source said some recently published reports implying Rove had deceived Bush about his involvement in the Wilson counterattack were incorrect and were leaked by White House aides trying to protect the President.

"Bush did not feel misled so much by Karl and others as believing that they handled it in a ham-handed and bush-league way," the source said.
but, at this point i'd be satisfied with cheney's head on a silver platter. (even though the rumours that have cheney resigning have bush appointing condi as vp).
As the investigation into the leak of a CIA agent's name hurtles to an apparent conclusion, special prosecutor Patrick J. Fitzgerald has zeroed in on the role of Vice President Cheney's office, according to lawyers familiar with the case and government officials. The prosecutor has assembled evidence that suggests Cheney's long-standing tensions with the CIA contributed to the unmasking of operative Valerie Plame.
when or when will the merry days of fitzmas finally arrive? i want to play indictment bingo!

Bush?? I don't think he's smart enough to know who is Valerie Plame. No, Bush is totally clean.
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