Saturday, October 01, 2005


my pot of gumbo

wwoz is the best radio station in new orleans, with a mix of jazz, blues and other local music. they have a streaming broadcast off their website - check them out and support them, as they're trying to get their actual fm transmitter back up.

i'm intrigued, and trying to be optimistic about the newly formed "rebuild new orleans" commission. scott cowen from tulane is on the panel, and i think he's a good guy, and there seems to have at least been a nominal effort to balance the members 50/50 black & white, with a "community activist" as one of the co-chairs. but there's only 2 women, and it doesn't have a lot of class/socio-economic diversity. if anyone has any better info on it than the nytimes and times picayune articles, let me know.

good luck gettting getting $$ from the "fema nazi" (a la seinfeld). you missed your deadline! no $2000 for you!

delay's been indicted, scooter's been implicated, and now this latest headline that buying of news by bush's aides is ruled illegal, duh. the onion's headlines seem more real each day. what else do we need to convince america to trim the bushes?

and finally, 2 interesting articles in citypaper locally about food. one is an expose on the disorganized state of emergency food providers in philadelphia, and their failure to include food stamp outreach and advocacy at their pantries and kitchens. the second is about the reluctance of philadelphia restaurants to participate in gov. rendell's "buy-local" program.

c'mon, y'all, it's time to wake up.

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