Tuesday, November 15, 2005


federal budget call-in!

from the chevra out in cyberspace... let's show those republicans that we're watching...

We're Still Watching You and it's Still Wrong to Cut Vital Services and Give Tax Cuts to the Wealthiest

Knocked off balance last week by your calls and emails in support of human needs, budget cutters to try again this week to cut Health Care, Student Loans, Food Stamps and More!

Call your Representative toll-free at 800-426-8073 Wednesday and Thursday,
November 16-17.

Using this toll-free number (generously provided by the American Friends Service Committee) you can call the Capitol Switchboard and ask to be connected to your member of the U.S. House of Representatives (and if you're not sure who your member is, tell them, and they will identify your Representative and connect you). Once you're connected to someone at your Representative's office, tell them:

"My name is _______________ and I live in (your town/city). I would like Representative [name] to vote NO on the reconciliation bill to cut billions in services to vulnerable people, including Medicaid, student loans, food stamps, and other vital service. These cuts are the wrong priorities.

Vote against cuts that hurt the poor and sick and vote against more unfair, unwise, and unaffordable tax breaks for the well-heeled."

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