Friday, April 07, 2006


BREAKING NEWS - FEMA extends camps for volunteers

i guess a little activism can make a difference... now let's focus on the long-term. from our friends at wwl-tv:
FEMA extends contracts for 'tent cities'

03:53 PM CDT on Friday, April 7, 2006

FEMA announced Friday that it would extend the contracts for the ‘tent cities’ that have been housing hundreds of volunteers and emergency workers in the area providing hurricane relief.

The housing centers will remain open until June 1, the official start of hurricane season.

FEMA had been providing the camps and said the extension would provide extra time for officials to develop more comprehensive solutions for supporting volunteers involved in long term recovery.

Many volunteers had been living in the tent cities, two of which housed 1,200 volunteers at a time at a cost of about $100 a day per occupant. The camps provided shelter, hygiene facilities, laundry, food, and basic first aid.

FEMA had originally planned to close the camps on April 10 and 11.
There's also an official press release up at FEMA's website.

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