Tuesday, April 04, 2006


a little about me

you may be asking, who is this "pursuer of tzedek" person, and why does he care so much about new orleans volunteers? i have my plane ticket, i'm flying down in less than 2 weeks. stay tuned to see what happens (and where i'll be staying).

life is always an adventure...

Hey Bri,

wow, keep up the good work.
Good on you. Please keep us posted. I will add a link and thanks for writing about New Orleans. It's nice to know that I am not the only person in PA worried about NOLA (even if I am recent transplant to PA). If you have somewhere to stay and are looking for a way to volunteer, my mom works for the Associated Catholic Charities of New Orleans. They just don't have anywehere for people to stay... http://www.catholiccharities-no.org/programs.htm_
BTW, thanx for coming.
Best of luck to you and all you'll be working with. Don't let the federal bureaucrats keep you from doing great things, there.
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