Monday, April 17, 2006


new orleans ... is it home?

have you ever had a love affair that's never quite ended? you've both moved away and moved on - there may have a been a formal break-up but your pilot-light is still on, hiddenly awaiting that slight spark of gas that will enlight and ignite and begin to flame, if only for a moment. you have both seriously dated other people, even seriously, but in the recesses of your heart, there's a special place reserved for that one.

that's how i feel about new orleans, nola to me. brooklyn was cute, philadelphia has a nice personality, and cleveland is the responsible choice for settling down and raising a family... but how i love my rendezvous with the big easy -

oh your succulent sweet beignets, sinful gumbo and jumping jazz. you've got just the right amount of spice to keep things interesting ... now i heard about all that happened with that katrina -- such an evil bitch - remember i told you she was trouble right from the start and that you needed to protect yourself better or things could ened up disasterously...

well that's all over now, just water over the bridge. come, let me help nurse you back to health so that we can both be whole once again.

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