Tuesday, April 04, 2006


response from Rep. Jindal (LA-01)

see below, from Rep. Bobby Jindal's office, representing the 1st district of Louisiana. He has apparently written a letter to FEMA already:
from "Bendily, Erin" - Erin.Bendily@mail.house.gov

Thank you for your email to Congressman Jindal. FEMA has informed us that these tent camps will be closing. Congressman Jindal is aware of the impact that this will have on the many generous volunteers coming here to help with the rebuilding and recovery process. In addition to expressing his concerns to the local FEMA headquarters office in Baton Rouge, he has also written a letter to the FEMA Acting Director requesting that these camps remain open. We are hopeful that FEMA will re-consider, but unfortunately, they have not notified us of any change yet.

We appreciate your feedback on this and will continue to push this issue with FEMA.

Erin Bendily
Office of Congressman Bobby Jindal
(985) 340-2185

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