Monday, May 08, 2006


new orleans is a mess ... and which landfill should it go to?

this just sucks - apparently the current solution for moldy debris from new orleans is to put it in a big un-lined landfill, in the middle of a vietnamese-american neighborhood and the largest urban wildlife refuge in the country. from the ny times:
Block after block, neighborhood after neighborhood, tens of thousands of hurricane-ravaged houses here rot in the sun, still waiting to be gutted or bulldozed. Now officials have decided where several million tons of their remains will be dumped: in man-made pits at the swampy eastern edge of town, out by the coffee-roasting plant and the space-shuttle factory and the big wildlife refuge.

But more than a thousand Vietnamese-American families live less than two miles from the edge of the new landfill. And they are far from pleased at having the moldering remains of a national disaster plunked down nearby, alongside the canal that flooded their neighborhood when Hurricane Katrina surged through last year.
the story continues in my diary over at daily kos.

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