Thursday, August 03, 2006


tisha b'av and new orleans

for me, the parallels this year with tisha b'av (today) are strongest with thinking of new orleans. the one-year anniversary of katrina is august 29. listening to lamentations last night ... the emotions of exile and loss still ring true today.

there are lot of websites, blogs and news articles that are and will be sharing people's experiences - those who were forced into exile and those who were there for the aftermath and recovery. not to mention the hbo spike lee documentary on katrina that's beginning to get some buzz...

i went to college in new orleans, and was there volunteering for a week in april, gutting houses with acorn.

some websites that i've found recently:

"If I Forget You O New Orleans" - from the Forward

"By the Waters of Babylon" - by Anya Kamenetz - in the village voice - written last year

an article from the washington post, describing the funeral/tahorah-like experience of gutting a moldy new orleans house

the Katrina blog project on Daily Kos

from the blog project - a powerful first-hand account

Thank you for these links, which are powerful and resonant. "If I Forget You, O New Orleans" and the WPost piece that makes housecleaning sound like taharah both really struck me. I needed these today.
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